Plant-Based Kick starter Program

Plant-Based Kick starter Program

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Curious about going plant-based and becoming healthier in 2020... but not sure how to start? 

This is the program for you! 5 days of Breakfast, Lunch & Premium cold pressed juice delivered to your door.

Our specially curated 2-week program will give you the vitamins, minerals and fuel you need for your daily grind, delivered fresh to your door for 2 weeks.


Over the two weeks  you'll receive your the following breakfasts, meals and juices -

Here's the plan! -


Monday -

Breakfast: Pink Chia Pud

Lunch: BBQ Tempeh + Slaw

Juice: AI 


Tuesday - 

Breakfast: Granola Goodness

Lunch: Carrot + Fennel salad

Juice: Sweet Beets


Wednesday - 

Breakfast: Vegan Choc Mousse

Lunch: Pumpkin Steak + Salad

Juice: Lady Marmalade 


Thursday - 

Breakfast: Chia Pud

Lunch: Field of pizzas

Juice: Blush Sunrise


Friday - 

Breakfast: Granola Goodness

Lunch: Goddess Bowl 

Juice: Mylk of the Poppy

So if you choose your delivery day for Monday, you'll receive everything  listed above Monday evening, with a delivery the following Monday evening also!  

 *Please note - delivery is only available inside our delivery zone, if you are unsure if you fit in our zone please email: 

Want more info? -

Whether you are new to the plant based world or have been dabbling for a while with meat-less Mondays, we are hoping this convenient 10 day plan will give you inspiration and confidence to go that one step further. 

How you do it, is ultimately up to you. You can make this a health kick to cut out the nasties in your diet, like preservatives, artificial colours and flavourings, excess salt, fats, sugars, caffeine and booze. Or simply use it to supply you with nutritious and delicious brekky, lunch and snacks (juices) for your busy work week. You then have your own dinners and weekend meals as normal.  

We offer the following 2 suggestions for how you use the program combined with some recommendations to get the most out of it.Think of it as a 'choose your own adventure!!'


Recommendation 1;

6am: Replace your morning coffee with a huge glass of room temperature water* with a squeeze of lemon..

6:30am: Move**!

7am: Your P+N Breakfast

9am: Green, Herbal Tea or Mushroom Coffee

10am: Your P+N Cold-pressed juice/nut milk

12noon: Your P+N meal

3pm: Snack on a couple of dates, a banana or a handful of nuts. 

6pm: Get creative - pinterest, insta, google - Make your own plant based dinner. Let us know if you would like a list of our favourite sites for healthy plant based meals. 


Recommendation 2;

6am: Replace your morning coffee with a huge glass of room temperature water* with a squeeze of lemon.

6:30am: Move**!

7am: Your P+N Breakfast

10am: Green, Herbal Tea or Mushroom Coffee

12noon: Your P+N juice 

2pm:Snack on a couple of dates, a banana or a handful of nuts. 

4pm:Snack on a couple of dates, a banana or a handful of nuts. 

6pm: Your P+N meal


For WEEKENDS, try to maintain a healthy wholefood plant based diet. The internet is full of ideas for healthy meals. Think of your favourite dish and type it in the search engine along with the word vegan… you’ll be amazed at what you can find. 

Keep the alcohol and processed food to a minimum, or better yet, none at all… just for 2 weeks. We are all about balance but to get the most out of the program and to set some great habits, try not to over indulge and undo your week of healthy eating. Get messy in the kitchen and get out in nature. 

NOTES: We strongly recommend if you supplement Vitamin B12 if following a wholefood plant-based diet. You can ask your GP for a blood test to check your B12 levels. It is commonly considered low even in omnivorous diets as animal sources are no longer a satisfactory provider of this essential Vitamin due to soil depletion (which is where they get theirs… They are simply the middle-man. You can read more about supplementation HERE)

 *We also recommend you drink 2 litres of quality water per day and don't forget to MOVE!! **A minimum of half an hour per day. Walking, running, playing sports, yoga, pilates, swimming, Strength and movement based training with our friends at - … however you like to get that heart rate up, DO IT!

Any questions on going plant based for 2020... hit us up at we want to help!

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