Do Winter Well Program 2

Do Winter Well Program 2

1 - 5th July


  • Do Winter Well Program 2
  • 1 - 5th July
  • 29500


Dear winter,

Why do I suffer when you come to visit?

I know we can get along better.

Vox populi


We asked our expert friend, Jo Beer (dietitian and nutritionist), what p+N can do to help you do this winter, well.

Jo provided us with a host of winter nutritional wisdom and said to us...

"Let’s get people fuelling their bodies to beat the winter blues and boost their immune system via feeding their gut flora!

To make sure they are optimising their chance of avoiding the flu, we need them to be feeding their bodies with lots of polyphenols which are found in berries, beans, nuts and green leafy veg (especially broccoli) as well as wholesome grains, spicy turmeric, and that ever faithful green tea."

So we've created the Do Winter Well Program, to help you take care of what goes in. All that is left for you to do is add a little consistent exercise and plenty of fresh air!

This is a 5-day dedication that will have you feeling in control and motivated for the months ahead. Yes, it's challenging and that's the point! Eating pizza and hibernating is not what builds up a strong mind and body. This program is one that puts you front and centre. You're in charge and we're there to back you.


What you get:

Delivery 1 - Monday, July 1st (AM delivery):


3-Day Radiance Reset juice cleanse


Delivery 2 - Wednesday, July 3rd (AM delivery):


#03 Blush Sunrise Elixir

#89 Golden Remedy Juice

#52 Cheesy Broccoli Soup

#29 Warming Carrot + Fennel Salad

#99 Purple Dusk Tonic



#03 Blush Sunrise Elixir

#65 Wildfire Juice

#12 Spiced Carrot + Cashew Soup

#70 Vegan Miso Ramen

#99 Purple Dusk Tonic



Daily Rituals included for the entire 5 days of the program:

  • p+N Green Beauty Tea (loose leaf), plus
  • Winter Boost Pack (Reishi mushroom powder, Jamu shot, magnesium bath flakes)


Total cost $295, which includes delivery to your door!

This is program is valued at $350, so make the most of winter and optimise your health. And if you're taking part we'll be checking in to see how you're doing. So book yours now and get set for winter cleansing.


Feedback from a Program 1 customer:

"I decided to embark on pure+Nood’s 5-day Do Winter Well Program after having a cold that lingered for 3 weeks.

Poor diet and poor sleeping patterns made frequent bad moods the norm.

The program started with a 3-day Radiance Reset juice cleanse with super boost packs of reishi mushroom elixir, green tea, jamu & heavenly pure magnesium salt flakes to finish.

I was expecting the symptoms of what any detox would entail - sleepy, headaches and low energy. However, it was the opposite - my energy levels are in full swing - I am more alert and happy.  The juices are packed full of vitamins and are a great combination to have with superfoods like reishi mushroom elixir, green tea, turmeric & ginger shots."

Charlotte S.