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We believe that small daily habits are the essential foundation for having your best body! Our Papaya Probiotic is a completely unique daily cleanse product that not only heals your gut from the inside out but promotes your very own radiant glow.

Our probiotic is dairy free, and we recommend keeping them refrigerated once opened.

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✓ Reset digestion

✓ Reduces bloating

✓ Promotes your best body

✓ Gentle daily inner cleanse

✓ Boosts immune system

✓ Helps beautify the body inside and out

✓ Get more benefits from the foods you already eat with increased absorption

✓ A quick and easy daily habit that promotes big change

✓ Perfect paired with a Pure Glow cleanse or on its own

What makes this the best probiotic?

When we set out to create a probiotic we knew it had to be one that not only is brimming with healthy, live bacteria but also one that helps to cleanse the digestive system so that better results can be seen and felt than with other standard probiotics on the market. Rather than being created in a laboratory from questionable ingredients, our probiotic is born from raw, real fruits that are slowly fermented over 21 days. This means that not only do you get the benefits of live, natural bacteria, but you're getting the benefits of the ingredients themselves! Papaya is one of our all-time favourite fruits for detoxification and beauty. It is simply bursting with natural enzymes and antioxidants that give you benefits beyond one-dimensional gut-health to improve your skin, digestion, reduce candida growth and alkalize.

Pomegranate gives the added benefit of a wider spectrum of deeply nourishing polyphenol antioxidants which are known to be very powerful for preventing disease and maintaining beautiful health.

Why is a probiotic so important?

Probiotics are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle because they work with your body to increase the amount of good bacteria in your gut. On the surface this works to improve digestion, but when you look a bit deeper it really is at the heart of your whole body health.

"All disease begins in the gut" - Hippocrates

"Gut health is the key to overall health" -Kris Carr

When your gut is aligned and functioning at its best you feel it. You have more energy, your clothes fit better, uncomfortable bloating stops, your get sick less often and you need less (or no) makeup to look and feel radiant just to name a few.

Our gut bacteria levels depend on many factors but a major one is lifestyle.

Everything from the air we breath to the food we eat can affect, for better or worse, our gut. Taking this high quality probiotic daily is such a simple and convenient way to ensure you are helping your body to be at its best.

Why we recommend Daily Cleanse Probiotic

Healthy Gut Flora - Raw ingredients are gently fermented over 21 days to ensure you get the best quality live bacteria possible.

Gentle Detoxification - Natural enzymes from papaya help your body to digest and detoxify gently from the inside out for health and beauty inside and out.

Alkalinity for Disease Prevention and Weightloss - Our probiotic is made from raw, real and alkalizing ingredients so that you can reap more than just the benefits of the good-for-you bacteria. When your body is alkaline it can protect you from disease and encourage your body to shed unwanted pounds.

Antioxidant Protection - Papaya and pomegranate are brimming with natural antioxidants that not only create beautiful skin but also can protect your organs and other tissues from disease.

Natural Energy - Your body was created to be full of energy but lifestyle and environmental factors can leave us feeling drowsy through the day. As your gut flora heals, your body can produce energy more efficiently and effortlessly so you can be at your best all day long.

How to use

This product is specially formulated to not need refrigerating but please keep in a cool, dry place with the cap on when not in use.

DAILY Take 1-2 capsules once per day with a large glass of water on an empty stomach. Preferably, take 30-60 minutes before or 2 hours after a meal/cold-pressed juice.


Reset tired, sluggish bodies or touchy stomachs. Take 2 capsules twice per day with a large glass of water for a duration of 7 to 14 days. Continue on with our Daily regimen for maintenance.


Doing a our seasonal juice cleanse? We recommend starting a 7 day probiotic cleanse 3 days before your juice cleanse. This will prepare your digestive system so you get maximum benefits from your cleanse. Afterwards, continue on with our Daily regimen for maintenance.