Cleanses - Cold Pressed Juice + Healthy, Balanced Meals

What is the difference between cold pressed juice and normal juice?

Normal juicing machines produce heat in the process of extracting the liquid from the fruit or vegetable. This causes oxidisatioin of the precious nutrients, minerals and enzymes, killing them and depriving the juice of many nutritional benefits. Cold pressed juicing machines extract the juice by crushing or grating the vegetable, and then applying pressure to squeeze the liquid from the pulp retaining the all goodness.

I quit sugar… is juice bad for me?

Time and time again we are shown that eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables is the key to health. And sugar exists naturally and beautifully in both.

Often store-bought juices are not only nutritionally dead, but they are packed with sugar. Even a ‘healthy’ store-bought green juice is typically packed with green apple and has at least 10g of sugar per 100ml. All of our juices are within range <1g to 5.1g of sugar / 100ml.

We never add sugar where it isn't needed and we have tonnes of creative ingredients in our repertoire that pack flavour into our juices without too much fruit.

Looking for the lowest sugar cleanse option? Our Deep Glow Cleanse is just for you! Designed to be super alkalizing and nutrient-dense with minimal sugar.

How long does the juice and food last?

Both the cold pressed juice, and our freshly made meals have a short shelf life due to the absence of preservatives (and heat treatment for the juices). 3 days from pick - up or delivery. Following the 3 days, the nutritional benefit obtained by drinking the juice and the food, will have significantly diminished.

What is the difference between Juices and Smoothies?

Cold-pressed Juice is fibre free, filtered/strained liquid squeezed from fruit and/or vegetables, smooth, not thick or chunky.  With or without the finer pulp, juice provides a more concentrated, nutrient dense liquid, requires less from the digestive process, reserving energy for detoxification and healing. Perfect for a cleanse or when illness is knocking at the door.

Smoothies are blended whole pieces of fruit and vegetables that retain the fibre. Blending the entire fruit or vege also retains the nutrients in skins, piths, and seeds. This will slow down the absorption of sugars and helps the food travel through the digestive system. We recommend both for different uses.  Smoothies also as a part of your daily routine and as full meal replacements and juices for cleansing, fasting and for when you need a potent hit of nutrients, like when fighting a cold.

What type of food will I be receiving?

The meals we create are made fresh for each delivery and are designed around the seasons. All of our meals at this stage in time are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, and preservative free. We try to ensure that you have a good variety of foods to choose from which will not only be nutritionally balanced, but which will also keep you feeling full and content. 

Do I need to keep everything cold?

Yes. Both the juices and the food need to be stored in the fridge. They can be left out for a period no longer than 4 hours without compromising the integrity of the product. During the cooler months, we do recommend allowing each juice to come to room temperature before drinking so as to not shock your systems and making digestion easier.

Can I request an ingredient be removed from a juice?

Unfortunately, no changes to specific juices can be made.

Can I request an ingredient be removed from a juice?

Unfortunately, no changes to specific meals can be made.

Can I heat the juices?

We love to gently heat some of our juices in winter. Be careful not to let them go over 50 degrees though as this will kill off the nutrients. See individual juice descriptions for info on which we recommend to be consumed warm this season.

Can I heat the food?

The meals which are designed to be heated will have a 'HEAT ME' sticker on them. You can re-heat all or a portion of the meal in the oven or stove top to your desired temperature. Please do not put the containers in the microwave ! The are made from compostable, recycled material and will disintegrate if heated. 

How many juices are in a cleanse?

In each day of your Pure Glow juice cleanse you will receive 7 x specially curated 375ml bottles of liquid gold comprising of 1 elixir, 1 tonic, 1 nut mylk and 4 different vegetable based juices.

How many meals are in a cleanse?

You can decide! We have a few different options available - these range from predominately juice based with one meal, through to minimal juices and two meals. If you like you can even custom order your own meals from our list and opt to have food only. 

Which cleanse is best for me?

For a first time juice cleanser we recommend our Radiance Reset Cleanse -   Level 1 cleanse as it is a little easier than the Deep Glow Cleanse - which is slightly lower in calories and a little more intense as it contains more greens, highly alkalising and one of the juices is a fruit free blend which may not be to everyone's taste.

Both cleanses are tasty and contain a variety of different juices, elixirs and a nut mylk.

If you are familiar with juice cleanses, lower fructose based cold pressed juices and have an already healthy lifestyle… jump straight into a Deep Glow Cleanse.

With the juice and food combinations, we suggest you address your lifestyle and your energy levels. If you are used to juice cleansing and just need one meal a day, then opt for the 'Level 2 - Balance Baby' cleanse. If however, you aren't wanting too many juices and need your food intake to be satisfied, then we would recommend 'Feeling Fine' - this includes 2 meals a day, along with one green juice and one elixir. 

How do I know what order to drink juices/food in when cleansing?

In your cleanse, you will receive a card showing our recommended order depending on which cleanse you purchased.

How long should I cleanse?

To really see results and benefit from a juice cleanse, we recommend you do at least a 3 day cleanse. This will ensure your body has a chance to reap the rewards of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals, to really detoxify and reboot your digestive, immune and  circulatory systems.

A 5 days cleanse will be your next step for a deeper detoxification. You will see more results and have a longer lasting effect.

A 1 day cleanse is perfect for those testing the waters of a juice cleanse or maintaining the glow from your first cleanse. We recommend regular 1 day cleanses as a method of healthy maintenance for your body.

When it comes to the juice and food cleanses, it depends on how well it suits your lifestyle. Some of our food cleanses such as 'Feeling Fine' are designed to be integrated into every day life and can be consumed every day if you wish. 

How do I prepare for my Cleanse?

We've included some preparatory recommendations here

What should I eat after my cleanse?

We've detailed some Post Cleanse tips here.

What are, if any, symptoms of a juice cleanse?

Depending on the level of toxicity in the body, how you prepare for your cleanse and the foods and drinks consumed before your cleanse, you may experience some detoxification symptoms. Most commonly, headache, fatigue and irritability… or “hangriness”!! These usually subside by the end of day 2 or day 3.

Other symptoms may include; brain fog, aching muscles, vomiting, bad breath and stronger body odor, a pimple outbreak, diarrhea, cravings, reflux and boating. It is super important to keep drinking plenty of H20 during your cleanse. This along with herbal teas, can help some of these symptoms if you are experiencing them

How often should I do a juice cleanse?

1 day cleanse - Weekly to monthly - support of general health and wellbeing

3 - monthly to seasonally

5 - monthly to seasonally

I am pregnant/breastfeeding, can I cleanse with Pure Glow?

We do not recommend juice cleansing for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Please contact your health care professional before purchasing and do your own thorough research. You may be able to modify the cleanse to suit your bodies needs at this time. Please however note as our juices are fresh, they are not pasturised.

Is it ok to exercise during a cleanse?

Yes and no. If you follow a heavy exercise routine you might want to slow it down while you are cleansing as you will be lower on energy. For ways to move while cleansing check out our “Ways to Enhance your Glow” page.

What if I need to eat mid juice cleanse?

We encourage you to work up to doing each 3-day cleanse without food. Don’t worry if you give in on your first try -- it’s a journey. Each time you cleanse it gets easier and easier and the results get better. Your body starts to crave it!

If you are struggling to curb the cravings (a trick to try is chewing while drinking the juices, fooling the brain into thinking you are eating solid food as cravings are generally a mind over matter, willpower exercise or sipping on the Nut Mylk as this is a more satisfying drink) and you have tried distraction techniques, hot drinks and keeping busy,  then we recommend soft, raw food. Think avocado, ripe (spotty) banana, watermelon or cucumber. Try to avoid and hard or processed foods. Soft raw foods are easier for your digestive system to process.

Do I have to give up coffee and alcohol during a cleanse?

To get your monies worth and give your body its best chance at detoxification and cleansing experience we do encourage you to give them up, however any reduction you can manage is better than nothing. You simply may not feel as good as could, if you were to cut them out completely.

Will I lose weight when cleansing?

Yes and no. You will lose weight over the 3 days but this isn’t necessarily a sustainable weight loss. It will likely be from water/fluid release, as well as any cleaning out of the colon! Mostly  It all depends on how you treat your body following your cleanse. Long term weight loss from juice cleansing happens when you make it part of your lifestyle. When your body becomes more alkaline, maintaining your ideal weight becomes easier.

Can I customise a cleanse?

Absolutely. For example, if you are sensitive to nuts or don't like a certain juice, feel free to email us or make a note in the box at the checkout, requesting your change to the cleanse. If we are unable to comply, we will let you know. We also have the option for your to customise your juices or your food order where you create your own combinations!

Are there discounts for ordering more than one cleanse? YES, please contact us for more information. We do offer group discounts so get your family,  pals or work colleagues together and email us to find out what we can do for you.



Can I change my order once processed?

Absolutely, however we do require at least 48 hours notice to make any changes to your order, including cancellation or alterations to delivery address.

Our customer service is closed over the weekend, so please ensure any requests or changes for Monday morning pickup or delivery are communicated before 5pm on the Friday prior. If you email please ensure you receive an email back as confirmation of your request.

I didn't place an order, can I pick juice and food up today?

At Pure Glow we juice and cook to order, so unless you have placed an order, we will likely not have a cleanse available to be picked up or delivered at short notice. Occasionally due to variations in our produce we have an excess of some of our juices, so you can always try your luck and call us to see if we have anything available. Alternatively, check out The Glow Trail for a list of our juice stockists.

Will I receive everything at once on a 5 day cleanse?

Our cold-pressed juices and our meals contain no preservatives, so for an optimum cleanse experience and for the best taste throughout, we deliver twice for our 5 day cleanse customers. You won't pay twice for delivery, the second drop is on us! 

Do you offer subscriptions?

Yes, at the checkout you will be able to select ‘subscribe and save’ on any cleanse or product purchase. You can then choose the frequency of your order fulfilment and we will take it from there. Subscriptions are a great way to plan out a cleanse program that suits you and do keep you GLOW consistent.

What do you consider ‘Perth Metro’ delivery zone?

You can check if you are within the Perth delivery zone by entering your postcode at the top of our juice ordering pages or during the checkout process. As a general guideline we deliver:

  • North - as far as Currambine/Wanneroo 6028 + 6065
  • North East - as far as Bassendean 6054
  • East - as far as Kewdale 6105
  • South - as far as Bibra Lake - 6163
  • South East as far as - Gosnells 6110

Note: All goods are available for delivery nationally (within Australia)

What if you don’t deliver to my area?

Pick ups from our juice lab in North Perth are always an option. Just select pick up at the checkout and be sure to note pick-up time frames.


How do I become a wholesaler?

We would love to have you as part of The Glow Trail - simply email