Jack Olden

Director & Head of Creative

At age 18, Jack started a personal training business operating out of a two car garage. Six years later and he has grown to his fifth studio space, running small group as well as one on one training. He builds EthosFit under 3 principles “Good times, Great people and Awesome workouts”. Being the creative vision for the direction of PURE AND NOOD blends two of Jack’s passions, helping people achieve their wellness goals and reaching as many people as possible with the motto that it’s all about balance. When he’s not masterminding his next strategy you can find him playing with his Jack Russell and persistent face licker Mowgli. Jack’s favourite PURE AND NOOD product is Milk of the Poppy


Brooke Gilbert

Training Manager & Customer Service

In the kitchen is where she feels most at home. Her love of cold pressed juice sparking from a life on the road travelling around North America. She bought a juicer to accompany her for the rest of her trip and has been drinking juice just about every day since. Now back in Perth and with a husband and 2 bubs, she follows a wholefood plant based diet and loves experimenting in the kitchen to come up with exciting, yummy meals for her young family.. Her love of experimentation crosses over into our innovative juice and meal recipes. When she isn't in the juice lab or answering your queries and calls, Brooke is relishing the fresh air with her family and friends. She loves anything hands on, creating, designing, styling and taking on new projects. With health and wellness: physical, mental and spiritual at the core of her life, she has never felt better and wants everyone else to feel the same.


Georgia Jones

Production & Logistics Manager

Growing up on a farm in our lush South West, Georgia’s down-to-earth & holistic upbringing shines through in her love of all things natural and organic.

After travelling and studying she found herself on her own wellness journey which led her to a love affair with her mum’s homegrown kale and a cold-pressed juicer (and landing a role working at Pure Glow). Ever since she has nurtured her body and mind by drinking green juice, meditating and cooking wholesome plant-based meals on the daily.

When she isn’t at the markets sourcing locally grown fruit and veg for our juices or giggling away at the juice lab, you’ll find her outdoors hiking coastal tracks, soaking up the sun at the beach, reading soulful books or doing yoga in her garden.


Julie Beeck

Finance & OHS Manager

From corporate titan to small business entrepreneur, Julie runs the day to day of PURE AND NOOD. Having started in the finance sector but having a passion for fitness and healthy eating, she jumped at the chance to be involved with a much loved brand. Julie’s philosophy is to create healthy, fresh and above all tasty products and keep the PURE AND NOOD following enjoying the best there is in plant based food. A proud Mum of two boys Julie loves to travel and plans to climb the Everest Base Camp soon. Julie’s favourite PURE AND NOOD is Raw Pad Thai



Andrea Brown

Food & Lifestyle Blogger

Why we love her: This girl is a glow babe through and through. She’s hold the keys to our vegan food inspiration, and shares our passion for yoga, getting outdoors and consuming the rainbow!

Favourite Pure Glow product: The juices, of course. I love the Ruby one! Also the activated nuts!


Grady Wulff

Marketing Manager & Model

Why we love her: This beauty is such a superstar! Genuine and full of life we love seeing her stunning pics, exciting adventures and healthy pursuits via instagram.

Favourite Pure Glow product: Karrot Kick - I love the Karrot Kick because it combines Lime, Carrot and Coconut Water to create a delicious and nutritious juice with a nice kick from the lime.


Renee Siljeg

Pilates House Studio Owner/Instructor

Why We Love her: Oh my, what a beauty! Renee is our go to pilates pro, mother of two, studio owner and wonderful friend. Her stunning boutique studio is one of our favourite places to get active in Perth!

Favourite Product: The AM elixirs and PM tonic… so refreshing, slightly acidic and pH neutralising..yum! I could drink them 24/7.


Shane Collard

Dancer/ Model/ Fitness Instructor

Why we love him: Shane knows how to make our juice look good! His big bright smile and perfect features make us swoon. His enthusiasm for life and all that is possible is infectious and he sure can make us sweat!

Favourite Pure Glow product: Anything with GREENS in it.


Chris Wilson

PT & Coach

Why we love him: The most supportive, enthusiastic, inspirational go getter we have come across on the Perth wellness scene. Chris is a leader in his field offering unique outcome driven private training sessions all over. We love seeing his face every time he tries a new Pure Glow product, and the all the incredible pics he curates over on his instagram feed!

Favourite product: Watermelon Jerky!


Our supply chain we know well! We have personal relationships with all of our growers and meeting them at the markets every week is part of the Pure Glow process. We trust their produce and know all about their farms, seasonal crops, new products and procedures. We love supporting local and know that transparency from our suppliers right through to the deliverable product is of immense importance to the Pure Glow customers.

Community initiatives

Sustainability Assets Management (SAM)

When you make as much juice as we do you better be doing something good with all the pulp wastage created! Our Pulp is technically feeding beneficial soil microbes which then make the nutrients to grow fabulous herbs and vegetables.

We receive regular visits from our friend Kim, who runs SAM. SAM educates the people involved in community gardens on how to grow "healthy soils" from which certified organic vegetables and fruits can be raised in.

We have been helping SAM by collecting pulp at our premises free from plastics and other contaminants so that the composting downstream can produce a highly sort after potting mix. Once collected from us the pulp is distributed as a resource for community projects such as community gardens and community composting initiatives. The plants growing in these places look visually healthier and tend to turn out nutrient packed compared with produce derived from conventional agriculture methods.

Recycle and be rewarded!

At Pure Glow, we care about the environment. To ensure we are not contributing to landfill we choose to house our juices in lovely glass bottles and offer a ‘recycle + be rewarded’ program. Returned bottles are washed, sterilised and reused!

How it works:

Once you’ve finished nourishing your body with cold pressed goodness keep the bottles. Give them a quick rinse and discard the lids (in your recycling bin as we cannot reuse them). Once you have accumulated 21 bottles, return them to us and receive a code that gets you $5 off your next order!

To return the bottles, you can drop them off at our north perth kitchen at 123B Angove street North Perth (if we are not there feel free to leave on our steps) and be sure to write your name on the box so we know who to send the code to. Alternatively you can leave them out for our courier to collect when you receive your next delivery of our products.

You will receive your code via text or email along with an expiry date. Enter your code at the checkout when you next order to redeem your reward.