Cordyceps Elixir Sachets

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Go the extra mile, naturally!

* 20 Sachets per box. Want to try? Grab a booster pack next time you cleanse with us. This season cordyceps elixir sachet is included.


What does it do? Supports adrenal glands and helps produce and maintain constant energy levels.

What is it? Increases oxygen intake and speeds up recovery.
How many? 20 powder sachets per box.
How powerful is it? 1,500 mg of dual-extracted CS-4 cordyceps mushrooms per packet.
How do I use it?
  • Add one packet to 250ml / 1 cup of,  hot water, or blend it into your favorite smoothie.
  • Drink this beverage while participating in sports to prevent fatigue and speed up recovery.
  • Drink one packet per day.

Vegan. Paleo. Sugar-free. Gluten Free


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