Minty Fresh number

Minty Fresh

Makes you feel: Renewed

Let us introduce you: Soothing and healing by nature, fresh and clean in flavour. #11 delivers you a dose of greens in a light a breezy beverage.

Ingredients: Apple, Cucumber, Mint, Spinach, Lemon

Best to drink: In the afternoon / evening

Calories per serve (375ml bottle): 114.30cal

Why we made this cold pressed blend:

  • potassium - maintain fluid + electrolyte balance, heart, kidney, brain and muscular health
  • Folate - creates new blood cells - cancer prevention -
  • Hydrating + cooling inside and out
  • Cucumbers helps to flush toxins
  • essential for healthy skin - magnesium, silicon + potasium
  • freshens breath - cuccumbers and mint
  • stress managment with B vitamins
  • high in iron mint and spinach
  • High in Vit A - Antioxidant - great for healthy eyes - healthy skin and cancer protecting
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Autumn Boost Pack

Autumn Boost Pack


A daily addition to your cleanse, comprising:

1x Jenny's Jamu
1x pure+NOOD Activated charcoal sachet
2x pure+NOOD papaya probiotics



We have called together an elite crew of our favourite detox enhancing products to BOOST your cleanse experience. Beat fatigue, improve digestion, reduce bad breath and sleep well.