Meet our Autumn Muse - Georgina Terrana PT 1

She's a fun, beautiful, passionate, entrepreneur... Georgina embodies the idea of balance that we at p+N truly admire hence asking her to be a part of our Autumn season.

We sat down with Georgina our first Autumn muse to discover more about what makes her, her.

Colour is life!

We asked our Summer Muse, Lisa Quinn-Schofield what role colour plays in her work + on her plate!

EthosFit X p+N - 21 DAYS TO A BETTER YOU!

Jack Olden our close neighbor in North Perth and founder of Ethos gym is a passionate guy. He is all about community, good vibes, and awesome workouts! 

This Feb he is launching '21 days to a better you' program and we are excited to be involved. Get to know a little more about Jack with us!

Summer Glow Week = Free gifts for you! Part 3

p+N's very own, limited edition Iced Green Tea. Using our favourite Green Beauty Tea as a base, this is an exclusive special to top all teas. Expect to feel radiant and energised as you sip this baby over ice by the pool! Read on for a little more about this summertime blend: