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Winter Glow Week - Part 2


For part 2 of our Glow Week brand profile, we bring you nüut nutrition. Based here in Perth and with sights firmly set on being a global product offering, we sat down with Nicole Cifelli to dig a bit deeper in the nüut world.


What does health mean to you + the nuut team?
Health to us means to live in balance. We all make an effort to eat well, exercise and manage the importance of rest and sleep. However, to live in balance means to enjoy all things. We all love to travel and discover new things, food, wine and the company of others. Health doesn’t just mean what we put into our bodies, it includes how we live, how we think and how we move - each and every day.

Balance is in the name of one of our blends ‘daily balance.’ This blend is the perfect balance of all three macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats), as well as containing greens, superfoods, pre and probiotics, it contains 1/3 of your daily essential vitamins and minerals and amino acids.


How does being active fit into your life?
Our content creator, Zara Ademi and I, are both performers at Bike Bar. I have competed in the IFBB Pro League and personal train clients. Nüut’s founder, Adil Bux is a Bike Bar addict and is in the studio on a weekly basis. Our Marketing Manager completed a marathon in Queensland last weekend so it’s safe to say, being active doesn’t just fit into our lives, we live and breath health by living an active lifestyle.


Why did nüut start as a company?
Nüut’s founder, Adil Bux has always had a passion for powdered blends, having co-founded WelleCo with Elle MacPherson. He left the company a couple of years back and decided to create new blends that didn’t fit the mold. He understands various ways people prefer to fuel their body and as such created blends to suit i.e. the ketogenic diet (Keto blend) and paleo diet (Paleo blend). As a busy person himself, finding nutrient-rich food was incredibly difficult on-the-go and when traveling so he decided to create a solution to his own problem.

Adil has a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment and as such, has created a sustainability scheme. Every customer to receive a nüut box receives a pre-paid envelope to collate empty nüut sachets. Once full and posted, the sachets are compiled and sent to one of six factories to make children's furniture. Food packaging containing aluminum lining which preserves its contents is unable to be recycled by traditional methods so nüut has found a way to recycle its packaging to avoid landfill. 


Who are your protein sachets for?
Nüut is a complete meal that is nutrient-rich. The single-serve sachets make it easy for an on-the-go snack or meal. The ways in which to consume nüut is endless but the simplest way is with water/nut milk (we like unsweetened almond milk) in our thermos shaker. It literally takes 2 minutes to make and keeps you full for hours. Knowing you’ve just had an all vegan, gluten-free meal, free from artificial sweeteners and chemicals instantly makes you feel like you’re doing a good thing for your body.

As a personal trainer, I know the biggest thing my clients find difficult is to consume enough protein during their day. Daily Balance contains 20.5g of the good stuff so it’s a very clean and efficient way for them to get their protein intake.

What's your favourite WINTER health tip?
My top tip during winter is balance and awareness. Often, we think of winter as our time to hibernate and comfort eat. It’s usually when extra kilos take residence then we find ourselves in a panic to shed them before the weather changes. By being aware of what we’re putting into our body, we make better choices. Hibernating usually means less exercise, so prioritising some sort of daily movement is essential to getting through the cold days and nights. 


Why choose to align with pure+NOOD ... What do you like about our brand?
We all love pure+NOOD as our ethos closely aligns with yours. We want to make eating healthy easy, especially in a world where time is important and people seem to have less of it than ever before. Providing an option whether it be a nüut sachet, fresh meal or nutrient-loaded juice - the attraction from our brand to yours is undoubtedly clear.


Now we encourage you to take advantage of this great new product as part of our Glow Week gifts with any order over $176. It represents great value and may take you to new heights with your health and fitness.


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