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Winter Glow Week - Part 1


It's Glow Week time again which means we partner with brands that we believe are offering amazing products or services that you should know about. 

This year's Winter Glow Week brand partners include EthosFit, AspireBodies By Ryan and nüut. We'll be reviewing nüut in a separate blog, and have dedicated this post to the three fitness businesses that we love and want to share with you.




Answered by Jack,
owner of EthosFit

What does health mean to you + the EthosFit team?
Health to us here at EthosFit is creating a sustainable, balanced lifestyle that keeps you both mentally and physically active. Being “healthy” isn’t a one size fits all approach, it will differ from person to person – but we believe the key is living a positive lifestyle you enjoy and fuelling it with great food, fitness (and coffee – One Mean Bean is our preference) haha!
How does being active fit into your life?
I believe the key to being active is doing what you enjoy and doing it often. If you enjoy it, you’ll stick to it – and if you stick to something that’s when you’ll see results. Health and fitness isn’t a quick fix, it is about moving often and consistently.


Why did EthosFit start as a company?
EthosFit was founded by me in a 2 car garage over 6 years ago, with the focus on creating exercise that’s enjoyable, gets results, with good people and gives a feeling of something more than just going to the gym. We believe in a balance to all things in life and offering the highest quality service within the fitness industry.

Who are your classes and programs for?
At ethosfit we run 4 programs:
Mvmnt: a 30-minute strength and cardio-based session designed to get you fitter, stronger and healthier than you’ve ever been before!

Lift: learn to lift weight and increase strength with a structured training program

Tone: WOMENS ONLY – this is for women who want to increase strength, get fitter and be supported by an awesome group of like-minded women.

Flex: this is all about movement and injury prevention. Control & tempo are key. We guarantee these are movements and exercises you’ve never done or seen before!
What's your favourite WINTER health tip?
Find what you love & do it often. Don’t jump program to program or train hard for 6 weeks and drop off. Find something you genuinely enjoy, do it often & do it long term. That’s when you’ll see real results that are maintainable & you won't have hated yourself getting to them!
Why choose to align with pure+NOOD ... What do you like about our brand?
We only align with businesses that keep a strong brand message, practice what they preach & provide a top-quality product. pure+NOOD ticks the boxes of all of these for us! Also having them literally next door means we get surprised with some of their awesome juices on our doorstep every now and then!



Answered by Lloyd,
owner of 

What does health mean to you + the ASPIRE team?
To be ‘healthy’ to me is as much about an individual's mental well being as it is about their physical capability. At Aspire our number one priority is to create a community where inclusion, "having a go" and belonging is encouraged through health and fitness participation regardless of physical ability.

Our hand-picked team of Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Movement Practitioners, Physiotherapists, and Nutritional Consultants promote a “do what you can do” approach to training, constantly encouraging positive affirmations and resilience within our members to safely challenge and get the most out of them at sessions.

We find that the physical improvements to 'health' such as increased fitness, toning or weight loss come as a bi-product of feeling good internally, committing to a regime, regular social interaction and belonging to a group of like-minded individuals. 

How does being active fit into your life? Why did ASPIRE start as a company?
I came from a semi-professional rugby background and was always incredibly active growing up so it has always been a huge part of my life and something I absolutely love. Through injury and pressure to perform in sport however, I have also experienced the huge lows that can go with the absence of activity which in hindsight drove me to create Aspire. Nowadays I thoroughly enjoy being active in as many ways as possible from playing with the dog and diving in the ocean to travel and even meditation in my downtime. Week to week I really enjoy mixing it with our Aspire crew and taking part or running traditional strength and fitness classes, boxing and pilates, and experimenting or playing with gymnastic ring and movement training. 


Who are your classes and programs for?
We really try to create a well-rounded program which has something for absolutely everybody regardless of their age or ability. For those needing specialised attention, we offer Personal Training, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, and Nutritional Consultation and do this in a one to one or small group setting. In terms of larger group classes, we offer Pilates, Beginner/Intermediate Circuits as well as Seniors Strength & Movement sessions for those new or getting back into exercise. HIIT, Boxing or Movement sessions are also available for those wanting the extra challenge and our ‘Performance’ range of sessions such as Strength & Conditioning, ZUU (primal movement) & Ankorr Boxing Classes are designed for those participants who really want to test themselves.

What's your favourite WINTER health tip?
My winter health tip is a strange one, but to include an ocean dunk or cold shower daily if you can! In my experience and from the research/podcasts I’ve listened to there are plenty of health benefits from cold water exposure and the Wim Hof breathing techniques. Aside from this, I think it builds your resilience, helps bulletproof your immune system and at the very least wakes you up, clears the mind and readies you for the day - not dissimilar to the effects from coffee people seek. If this is all a little too much I would just recommend taking part in regular group exercise as much as you can, as before you know it the blood will be pumping, endorphins will be released and you’ll forget all about the cold! 

Why choose to align with pure+NOOD... What do you like about our brand?
Having personally known Rhyanna & Nikki through our mutual passion for health and wellness plus our collaboration on previous community events I know that they practice what they preach. This is incredibly important to me as there is a lot of “talk” and misleading information out there particularly with the rise of Instagram. I have personally attended yoga classes with Rhyanna and know that she has turned her life around through mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and healthy eating and combined with Nikki’s whole food, a clean eating approach I think its a winning combination.


Answered by Ryan,
owner of Bodies By Ryan (BBR)

What does health mean to you + the BBR team?
Health means to be strong, positive and capable of everything your day to day life requires of you. From playing with your children to renovating a house. We're all about the little wins and progress not perfection at BBR. 

How does being active fit into your life?
Activity plays a crucial role in my life. Without movement and activity, I feel I'm not as productive nor as motivated to live in my purpose. 

Why did BBR start as a company?
I wanted to create a second home for our members. Build a space for people to come, have an awesome connection with our team both trainers and other members. We strive to create strong bodies, positive minds and big hearts.



Who are your classes and programs for?
Our current client base paints the picture pretty well, we have a large percentage of time-poor mum's who need motivation, technique cues, fun energy and a session that means business. The fact we do a complete warm-up and cool down every session along with weights, resistance and cardio programmed into every session means every time you train you're increasing bone density, toning up those muscles all while burning fat.  We also have more males attending classes now (not just the ones getting dragged down from their partners) but we have everyone from ex AFL players to uni students to 50+ office workers. 

The way our classes are structured means you can go at your own pace until you feel you've built up your strength and cardiovascular fitness.

What's your favourite WINTER health tip?
Bone broth, rest, adequate water, adequate sleep, meditation, glutamine, vegetables, vegetables, and more vegetables. And always think PREVENTION RATHER THAN CURE.

Why choose to align with pure+NOOD ... What do you like about our brand?Very similar values from what I've experienced. 

Care goes into the product and the consumer experience.  The product is great value and has delivered quality with every interaction that I've had, from the first point of contact until the last mouthful of the green (or yellow, or purple, or orange) goodness is all gone.



Now you've digested that, we encourage you to take advantage of these great fitness businesses as part of our Glow Week gifts with any order over $176. It represents great value and may take you to new heights with your health and fitness.


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