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Time to spring clean

Looking around, the signs are everywhere that spring is upon us. Having emerged from hibernation and with nature hitting full bloom, some of you may have felt an overwhelming urge to do some spring cleaning. As painful as it so often is, cleaning out those closets, organising that Tupperware drawer or getting the shed in order can lead to a real sense of achievement and a feeling of renewal.

Cleansing with pure+NOOD is no different, it takes effort to set a new course of action and make the most of the onset of the season. The time has never been better to do a juice cleanse, and here’s why;

Many traditions tell us that it's time to "clean out" after winter. The concept of spring cleaning has been traced back to the Iranian "Nowruz" (the Persian New Year) which happens to be the first day of Spring. Many Iranians practice “Khooneh Tekouni” literally meaning “shaking the house”.

Cleansing is also a fundamental part of the ancient Indian tradition of Ayurveda. Fasting when the seasons' change has been a custom for thousands of years.  Find some space, slow down, rest, repair and reset.

During winter we keep the doors and blinds closed and the heaters on. We don't notice the dust that accumulates nor the stale air. Now that the sun is out, open windows and doors, let light and fresh air flood in. Spring also beckons you outdoors. It is time to get amongst nature and take some deep breaths. If you shudder at the idea of a deep breath in spring outdoors because of hay-fever, doing a juice cleanse and drinking cold-pressed juices will actually help to alleviate some of the symptoms and reduce the severity. We have customers that declare a regular juice cleanse the saviour of hay-fever suffering altogether! Our Parsley Fields juice may be the primary reason alone!

If you managed to cleanse during winter, give yourself a pat on the back, we know it's not easy. During winter we crave comforting, warming foods, and for good reason. But with the sun warming our days, we take delight in cold juices.

These spring rituals letting us know it's time to clear out and clean up, also need to be applied to our bodies. Our bodies are designed to do this automatically, and they do an amazing job most of the time. But these days our digestive system may be needing a bit of a helping hand. Surrounded by countless stressors like processed food and drinks, artificial sugars, environmental toxins, poor drinking water and demanding jobs, a thorough deep clean and reset may be just what is needed to get back to feeling healthy, energetic and ready to take on the world!

It’s not just our physical spaces that need a cleanse, our mental closets also require the same treatment. Stress, anxiety and negative emotions break down within our bodies as acid. Doing a juice cleanse helps to alkalise your body. Mentally you will be clearer and will find yourself more motivated and refreshed.

During winter we indulge, and we'll be the first to admit it, so it's common to want to lose some of that extra weight. After all, summer is looming and beach days are coming! It is common to lose weight on a juice cleanse and for that reason, it has been an essential tool for many people in that regard. We at p+N hope that you do not sign up for a juice cleanse with that being your only goal. If you do that, the effects will not last long and you will likely be back to the bad habits that made you feel the need for a juice cleanse in the first place. Utilise the cleanse to reset your body and begin craving clean, nourishing foods.

Regular cleansing, juicing and fasting is always great for your mind and body, but if there is especially one season to go for it… Spring is it!

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