Meet our Summer Muse - Lisa Quinn-Schofield

She's an entrepreneur, a mother, a wife, a creative in all senses of the word... Lisa embodies the passion and love that we all hold so dearly for beautiful Perth summer months.

We sat down with Lisa to discover more about what makes her, her.

More veg! How Jessica Smith converted to her new plant based lifestyle.

Thinking of adopting more of a plant based life? This week we were excited to interview Jessica Smith (former Paralympian and positive body image ambassador) on her recent transition to more of a plant based way of living - we asked her the how's, what's and why's of incorporating more of the good stuff into her life. 

Meet our Spring muse - Ashleigh Jade

She's bright, bubbly, beautiful, and full of infectious energy... we think she reminds us of Spring! 

We sat down with Ashleigh and talked all things health, body image, self-love, and her personal outlook on living a happy and fulfilling life.


Meet our Autumn Muse - Amelia Harvey

Autumn brings with it cooler weather, more cosy nights cuddled up at home, delicious grounding meals, and often a desire for many of us to reflect inward. With that in mind, we couldn't think of a more perfect muse for this season than Amelia Harvey - Meditation Teacher, Life & Business Coach.