2 weeks of p+N

A review by  Lisa Quinn-Schofield

I have been dabbling with Pure & NOOD food & juices for a while. Lunches & dinners and a few 1-day juice cleanses here and there but for me, it wasn’t enough to experience the full benefits. After ending last year feeling a bit depleted and run down, iron deficient & vitamin d deficient, I decided I needed some inspiration to get the motivation to reboot. 

Top 5 Must Do's for a happy, healthy Gut

Did you know that the state of our inner eco-system can affect not only our immunity, but also our digestive ability, our hormones, our genetic expression, and our mental health? Read on for our top 5 key tips on nurturing your micro-biome.

Time for some spring cleaning

Although some days the weather might suggest otherwise, we are already two months into spring. Having emerged from hibernation and with nature hitting full bloom, some of you may have felt an overwhelming urge to do some spring cleaning. As painful as it so often is, cleaning out those closets, organising that Tupperware drawer or getting the shed in order, can lead to a real sense of achievement and a feeling of renewal. Cleansing with Pure Glow is no different and the time has never been better to do a juice cleanse. Here’s why!TRADITION Many traditions tell us that it's...

3 Reasons Why Winter Cleansing Rocks!

Boost immunity, mood and metabolism Kickstart digestive system Maintain weight & healthy habits The cold winter days may feel like the worst time of year to cleanse, especially if you’ve just started getting cosy with comfort food and sleeping in! However, winter is meant to be a time to stop, rest and reflect. Now is the time to stay on track and to avoid months of winter indulgences creeping in and weighing you down! Winter Cleansing: Tips Choose juices that are packed with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and immune-boosting extras. Find cinnamon, radish, turmeric, ginger, pitaya, apple cider vinegar and many more...