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Summer Glow Week = Free gifts for you! Part 2

One week throughout each season we label as 'special' and offer up some of our fave goodies with all orders placed. This Summer 'Glow Week' is 28th Jan- 3rd Feb and the second of our three bonus gifts to you is: 

A voucher from our new fave ethical and luxe activewear brand, Earth + Society. Find out more about Vanessa, the founder and the brand below.


What does health mean to you?

To me, it’s the small, every day actions. Choosing a cold pressed juice, a clean treat, to walk instead of drive, to get myself down to the yoga studio, to cook a vegan meal, to mediate for even just a few minutes. It’s also about inspiring people around me and getting inspired by them too!


How does being active fit into your life?

Trying new and fun things to challenge myself - my latest obsession is Jungle Body workouts, they’re so fun! I consider a walking catch-up with friends free therapy. I also love being one of those lame ‘fitcouples’ because when we hit the gym together I get to spend quality time with my husband. I really try fitting fitness into my life any way I can!


Why did you start earth and society?

My mission in starting Earth + Society was simple - to create a brand for everyday women just like me, who love good fashion, good health and good quality - but who also really care about the environment.


Who are your clothes for?

Everyday women who love looking cute but in the comfiest clothes possible. They are for girls who keep themselves fit but knows how to have fun doing it. And in particular, for the girls who always take the environmentally friendly option when it's there.


Why choose to align with Pure+NOOD ... What do you like about our brand etc?

It’s very strongly aligned with the ethos behind Earth + Society. With a focus on health, fitness and good ethics (i.e. promoting a clean, sustainable diet) I can see so many similarities and shared values. The brand is strong, vibrant, local and relatable, all qualities I’m striving for in my own business.


 We can't wait for you to try! Available FREE as our gift to you during summer glow week when you spend over $176. 

 *Summer Glow week = 28th Jan- 3rd Feb

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