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Our top 10 natural flavour boosters (and how to use them!)

  1. Lemon Juice

Not only does lemon juice provide us with a healthy dose of Vitamin C, but it is also one of our most favourite flavour enhancers, bringing most dishes instantly to life. Adding lemon juice can also help to reduce your salt intake as most dishes won’t need as much salt when lemon is added.

Use lemon juice in salad dressings, squeezed into soups at the end of cooking, in stir-fries, in your cup of tea. Adding a squeeze of lemon to steamed green veg, or into a green juice can also make it so much more palatable for those who still have a love/hate relationship with our beloved veggies!


2. Ground Cumin

Spices aren’t reserved only for curries. We love adding a sprinkle of cumin to our roasted vegetables - alongside olive oil, oregano, salt and pepper. Saute it with your onion as a grounding base flavour in soups or stews, or dust over chickpeas along with turmeric, salt, and paprika and roast until crunchy - makes for a great snack or salad addition.


3. Garlic

Who doesn’t love garlic? Unless you can’t digest it, we believe it should be in everything… roast it, saute it, stir fry it, crush it into salad dressings, even slice it up into thin garlic chips and use as a delicious garnish! Garlic is known to play a role in improving cardiovascular health, improve immunity, and reduce levels of LDL cholesterol levels.


4. Ginger

It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory, a natural anti-nausea remedy, a tummy soother when we have indigestion, and an all round immune boosting superfood. We add ginger to our soups, smoothies, juices, dressings and most of our cooked dishes too!


5. Sesame Oil

A little goes a long way. With a potent flavour and aroma, sesame oil is a must (and a game changer) in most Asian dishes. One of our favourite salad dressings is a combination of sesame oil, lime juice, crushed garlic, grated ginger, tamari, and filtered water - yum! Whisk it into your eggs if you’re making an Asian omelette, add as a base flavour to a simple stir fry, or use in a marinade for tofu, chicken, or salmon.


6. Miso Paste

A delicious fermented soybean paste, most people only associate miso with the standard soup they might get as an entree at a Japanese restaurant. But you’ll be happy to know that it can be SO much more than that. As a soup, try blending in sweet potato or pumpkin, or shiitake mushrooms and seaweed. Turn the paste into a baste (along with some grated ginger and sesame oil) and smother onto salmon fillets, eggplant, or chicken before roasting in the oven. Or make a dressing for your next salad or ‘poke’ bowl concoction by mixing miso with water, lime juice, tamari, ginger and sesame oil.


7. Tahini Paste

One of our favourite pastes to turn into salad dressings - you can whisk a teaspoon of tahini with olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper, or even add to an Asian based dressing. Another delicious option is to drizzle tahini with a bit of honey and chilli flakes over roasted vegetables.


8. Fresh green herbs

Herbs are such an underused and understated flavour enhancer. Whether it be fresh basil & lemon juice with tomatoes in a beautiful salad, or loads of mint and coriander in a spicy stew… They can definitely bring a dish to life.


9. Smoked Paprika

Another spice which is highly versatile is smoked paprika - especially in cooking vegan dishes, the smokeyness can add a ‘cheesy’ taste or aroma when needed. We use it in our vegan mac n cheese recipe. It’s also an essential element in a lot of Moroccan or Middle Eastern cooking.

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