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Meet the team - 5 Question Friday with Brooke

Here at Pure&NOOD we believe in a personalised service, from knowing where and who makes your products, to who picks up the phone when you call customer service.

Today i sat down with Brooke, who is in charge of product development, staff training & Customer service and asked her 5 questions about business, life, travel & more! 

When and how did you start with Pure&NOOD?
I started with pure glow cleanse back in 2014 after traveling north and Central America.. I wasn’t sure if I would go back to study or start work in my field of design, so when a girlfriend asked me if I needed an in between job while I figured it out,  I jumped at it. I had started juicing while in the USA out of our RV so it was right up my ally. One thing led to another and… Here I am almost 6 years later! 

The world needs more…?
Acts of kindness. Whether it be human to human, human to the earth or human to animal. Let’s all take some responsibility, learn, act and then educate. 

What new products are we expecting to see for pure&NOOD in the near future?

Oooooo lots!!! Think moorish snacks, supplements and gut loving goodies! 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Right now Istanbul is on my radar. The architecture, the culture, the people. Everything is so intriguing. Plus it’s close to some pretty beautiful islands. 


What do I love about Working for pure&NOOD?

Everything! The people, the products, the ethos, the fluidity and adaptability. At every step of the way I have learnt and grown so much. Adapting myself and overcoming small fears and obstacles. I’ve learnt to believe in myself and find value in my own voice. The products are ones I truly believe in and endorse and the people I have met have become some of my best friends. I am so lucky that everyone has believed in me and allowed me the flexibility to work with a young family. Talk about job love! 


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