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Meet our Spring muse - Ashleigh Jade

She's bright, bubbly, beautiful, and full of infectious energy... we think she reminds us of Spring! 

We sat down with Ashleigh and talked all things health, body image, self-love and her personal outlook on living a happy and fulfilling life. 

1. Ashleigh... how would you describe yourself in 5 words?
Genuine, loyal, quirky, ambitious and enthusiastic.
2. What do you do for a living - walk us through a day in the life of you.
Not many people know this but I work full time as a Promotional Casino Host. I never know how to explain what I do so it's easier to say my role is like a game show host/entertainer/MC. My days are very inconsistent with being a shift worker so sometimes finding a balance can be one of my biggest struggles. 
A perfect day would be attending an Xtend Barre Class at Osborne Park, providing I got enough sleep from my shift the night before and then rush home to get myself ready for work again. I usually have 2-3 days off in a row so I like to use one of those days as an admin day, to catch up on emails, social media messages etc and perhaps shoot content. I'm extremely lucky that my husband, Alex is a photographer and we get to work together on a lot of projects. 

I love discovering cute cafes and restaurants in Perth, friends always rely on me to choose where we meet up which is nice to know they trust my recommendations. If a cafe is pet friendly, that's bonus points from me so I can take my furbaby Honey along with me. 
3. You've had/have a career which puts you a lot in the lime light and which has a large emphasis on aesthetics. How has that affected you personally over the years (if at all)? 
There's no denying that the pageant and competition scene can be quite savage. When you think about it for what it is, you are basically being judged on your physical appearance if there is no interaction on a microphone or an interview section.
You also need to use your 60 seconds on stage to project your personality. If this doesn't come across then that affects your score. Before walking on stage, i'd be an absolute wreck with sweaty palms, I'd be dry reaching from dehydration and shaking like a leaf. Checking myself in the mirror a million times to make sure everything was in the right place. I'd hit the stage full of adrenaline and absolutely love it, but the second I stepped off I can tell if I did well or not and either way, I would really beat myself up and talk down at myself. 
If I won I would be on a complete high and full of confidence, but after each competition I would always get "post pageant blues" and have this come down which I've discovered through a few of my friends that they've also experienced similar feelings.
I would put so much pressure on myself and still find things that I thought could be better and it really was a lonely place to be...It was a viscous cycle. 
4. What does 'healthy' mean to you? 
Everyone has their own view on what healthy means to them. For me, my priority is to have a clear state of mind  and be in control of my thoughts because when I let my anxiety get the better of me, it throws my balance out completely.
There are days that are more difficult than others where I can't physically pull myself out of bed and I need to give myself those self-love pep talks or just allow myself to rest. I probably don't speak about this as much as I should, especially with the platform that I have i'm sure my experiences may help others. I am now learning what my triggers are and what I need to do to to get back into a positive mind set. 
5. For girls/women struggling with body image issues, do you have any tips or advice from your experience in modelling? 
One thing I stopped doing was buying and reading magazines because I found myself constantly comparing myself to the girls in the glossy pages.
Now everything is in the hands of your device. It may be hard to do at first but if you find yourself scrolling and thinking "why don't I look like her" or "why don't I have that?" - UNFOLLOW! I started doing this and I found it to be quite empowering, even if it meant unfollowing people that I actually know. It's no hard feelings against them as a person, but if their images trigger something within me and give me the slightest feeling of doubt, I now just unfollow. 
6. Who inspires you and why?
I honestly can't pick just one person who inspires me. Everyone I meet has an influence some how on my life and gives me different perspectives on how I view things.
I'm fortunate enough to be surrounded by all kinds of people doing incredible things in their lives who make sacrifices, contribute to the community, are hard working and have high morals they lead by. The list goes on! This inspires me every day to work towards achieving any goals or ideas that I may have or simply just being a better person. 
7. You have such a positive outlook on life - what words do you live by? 
"You bring about what you think about". I never wanted any struggles of my past to be an excuse of my future. I've seen so many people blame their hardships for their life choices and I didn't ever want to go down that path. So every day I try my best to find the positive in most situations.
8. If you could only eat 3 things for the rest of your life what would they be and why? 
If I had to choose 3 things to eat for the rest of my life they would be sweet potato, pizza and chocolate because they are simply the 3 foods that I can't live without. 
9. What's one interesting fact about you that we wouldn't be able to find on your website? 
I cry when I see people sitting by themselves eating a sandwich. I don't know what triggers it but there's this sweet innocence about it. Or maybe i'm just a weirdo! 
10. Future plans for Ashleigh Jade in the next 2 years?
NOT BABIES! Haha! Can you tell that's what I keep being asked lately! I do love children but it's not something we are making a plan for any time soon, if it happened though I would absolutely embrace it. In the mean time I have plans to revamp my website and focus more on blogging as I love sharing stories and experiences with people. Something I have been putting off though is a YouTube channel and that is something i'll regret if I don't give it a go. 


Want to get to know Ashleigh better? 

Follow her through - 

Instagram: @ashleighjade05

Website: www.ashleigh-jade.com

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