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Meet our Autumn Muse - Helen Clarke PT 2

She's an inspiring, driven, industry leader and entrepreneur... Helen is a long time friend and supporter of p+N who we admire and look to for motivation, hence asking her to be a part of our Autumn season.

We sat down with Helen, one of our Autumn muses, to discover more about what makes her, her.

     1. What does Autumn mean to you?

I love that autumn means mid 20 degree weather. It’s perfect for walking outside and because it's starting to get cooler the air is so fresh!

      2. Can you tell us a bit about your businesses and why you love pilates?

I started Core Focus Pilates 3 years ago. I now have three studios here in Perth and hope to expand later in 2019. After religiously doing my own Pilates practice and feeling and seeing all the benefits in my own body I wanted to start my instructor training. I really wanted to further my knowledge and passion for Pilates. Once I started my instructor training I knew I had found my calling. I wanted to create a space where others could fall in love with Pilates and feel and see the same benefits I had been!

     3. Where do you find inspiration in your industry and beyond?

I find a lot of inspiration from my travels around the world. America is way ahead of us here in Australia so it's good to look around and see what’s big over there and hasn't started in Australia yet! Of course I find a lot of inspiration on social media - in particular Instagram. I love following and exploring other studios and instructors around the world.

     4. What are the different roles you play in life apart from running your own business (partner, friend, sister, wife etc) … we assume time efficiency must be a priority in your life to keep everything in check,  How do you juggle all the hats?

    All I can say is it's very tough to find a balance but I was try my best to juggle my days and weeks as best I can!

         5. If there is one area in your life that you wish you had more time for what would it be and why?

    I wish that I had more time to practice being mindful and more present. Because my life is so crazy and it just doesn't stop I do find that time passes by and I forget to live in the moment! Sometimes during the day I will stop and just remember how grateful I am for all the positive things in my life and just enjoying what I'm doing in that moment or on that day.

         6. What does 'healthy' mean to you?

    Healthy to me means being confident in yourself, being kind to others, moving your body every day and loving yourself for who you are and appreciating your own journey to where you are right now.

          7. All time favourite quote or words to live by?

    Two of my favourite quotes would be "Only you can change your life, no one else can do it for you" and
    "Control your mind or it will control you" and "spend your time wisely, you can never get it back"

          8. What's one piece of advice that wish you had received in your teens or early 20's?

    I wish that someone reminded me more to make the most of time in your early 20s and not take life too seriously. I wish I was reminded that you never get time back so really make the most of everything you do. That also goes for if you're not happy - don't waste your time, make a change and find happiness

          9. If you could only eat 3 things for the rest of your life what would they be and why?

    Eggs - as I have them nearly every single morning and they are so good for you! Avocado - as I'm obsessed and would add it to everything if I could.

         10. Dream Autumn day?

    My dream Autumn day would be waking up early, drinking a fresh juice, going for a walk outdoors with my partner and our fur baby, going out for brunch, do a little workout on my reformer at home before heading out for dinner



    Instagram: @helenclarkepilates

    Web: www.corefocuspilatesaustralia.com

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