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Lisa's top 5 favourite ingredients!

Today our ambassador Lisa shares her top 5 (actually, 6) favourite ingredients and how she incorporates them into her every day routine.
1. Blueberries
Little blue babies picked straight from my blueberry bush - packed with goodness!
2. Avocado
Because it's so versatile. So satisfying. A squeeze of lemon and some Himalayan pink sea salt sprinkled on top - the perfect snack. 
3. Kale
I add it to a green juice, in a salad or my favourite is roasted in the oven. Hello Kale Chips! 
4. Almonds
I love them roasted or thrown into a salad... also eaten on their own, or blitzed into nut butter. Yum!
5. Cucumbers
The mini kind.  My favourite way to eat them is with a fermented cashew dip. Delish! 
And one more for good luck...
6. Chia seeds
Thrown in a smoothie or soaked with coconut cream to make a chia pudding and topped with berries or slices of mango. Or add a teaspoon of cacao to make a chocolate version. 

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