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Heidi's top 5 kick arse new mum tips

Our spring muse Heidi Anderson is settling into 'new mum' life. With the first month down she has gained some insights, and here she shares her top 5 'new mum' tips! 

1. Be kind to yourself! This is a tough gig & I too needed to hear this more. I’m constantly questioning myself & beating myself up, have I made the right decision for little Memphis my son? So I guess we could all do with this reminder.

2. Eat healthy meals as much as you can & surround yourself with good people, like the gals at pure+NOOD. They have a range of healthy meals & snacks and they are saving us so much time right now!

3. Get out of the house for a walk, every day if you can! Fresh air & walks are a huge lifesaver for me right now. 

4. Turn your phone off & get off socials for a couple of hours a day. I find this helps me disconnect from the outside and focus on the inside important stuff & it keeps me from scrolling without purpose.

5. Survive! Just remember tomorrow is a new day. 
You can follow Heidi's journey and see how she uses p+N in her life over on her Instagram account .
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