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Heidi Anderson's - p+N's Spring muse

With these bright blue Perth sky days upon us, we now officially introduce you to our spring muse, Heidi Anderson (_heidianderson).

We are super excited to have Heidi as our spring muse as she embodies qualities we love – she’s strong, ambitious, funny, genuine and an all-round nice gal. A much-loved radio broadcaster, very soon to be mum and an appreciator of self-care, we think Heidi is just the person to keep us inspired this spring!


We sat down with Heidi and ran our 10 questions by her. Here are her responses:


1. What does SPRING mean to you?
New beginnings! This year we’re having our first baby in spring, if Baby Thunder doesn’t come early! And last Spring we got married so I’m loving what it means to me now. New adventures & new beginnings!
2. Can you tell us a bit about your profession, what you do for a living and what you love about it? 
I’m a radio broadcaster on breakfast show “Heidi, Xavier & Pete” on radio station Hit92.9. I’ve been in Perth on breakfast radio since 2013. I absolutely love my job, I live & breath radio!
After completing my Public Relations and Communication’s degree, I traveled to Europe working in hospitality & PR for four years. My love and passion for radio never left me whilst travelling and I was accepted into the Australian Film TV and Radio School where I completed a Diploma in Radio Broadcasting.
After completing my radio course in 2010, I then moved around the country from Bunbury to Newcastle, then onto Perth working in breakfast radio. In 2013, I did something a little out of my comfort zone and appeared on Big Brother as a housemate (I made it to the seventh week just in case you’re wondering).
I've created an online community and social media following of over 75,000 people and work alongside many different brands and media outlets in TV, newspaper and online. I love connecting with people and sharing their stories through my blogs, podcasts, workshops, and videos www.heidileeanderson.com 
I love the buzz & adrenalin that my job gives me every morning when my alarm goes off at 4.20am! The feeling I get in that studio is pure joy! I love that I connect with people daily & make them feel whatever that emotion is... 
3. Where do you find inspiration in your industry and beyond?
I find inspiration in what I do daily - connecting with people & making them feel makes me want to be better than I was yesterday. Knowing that what I say or do can affect & help just one person is what inspires me. 
4. What are the different roles you play in life apart from your career (partner, friend, sister, wife, mum, etc) ... we assume time efficiency must be a priority in your life to keep everything in check so how do you juggle all the hats?
Wife, friend, mum of my cat Jules & soon to be baby mumma of Thunder, and daughter. Yes, I’m pretty organised & if it’s not in the diary then it doesn’t exist, or I won’t turn up! I love just being me - Heidi!
So I don’t really need to juggle hats as that doesn’t really suit me...everyone knows who I am & what they see is what they get. My downfall would be that I sometimes don’t save my best self for my friends & family...I give my all to everyone else except them & that means they get the shitty version of me on occasions but they accept that.
Self-care is a big one for me to try to keep grounded & happy.
5. If there is one area in your life that you wish you had more time for what would it be and why?
I think I have enough time for everything that’s possible, I just need to be on my phone less.
6. What does 'healthy' mean to you?
Being healthy for me is more than just what I eat. For years I thought that’s what healthy was, just restricting my calorie intake.
Today healthy for me is enjoying life in balance, exercising for my mental health, walking along the beach with no shoes on, meditating & trying not to beat myself up for living & indulging at times. 
7. All-time favourite quote or words to live by?
I love everyone that Brene Brown says but my fav quote of all time would be...by Theodore Roosevelt that Brene Brown quotes in her book 
8. What's one piece of advice that wish you had received in your teens or early 20's? 
Don’t smoke, ever!!!! Not even a drag. 
Some people are easily addicted & I was one of them. It really did have a grip on me for years!! 
9. If you could only eat 3 things for the rest of your life what would they be and why? 
OMG, that’s hard but it would be...
Mangoes, ice cream homemade pizza base made by my hubby! He makes the crunchiest healthiest spelt flour base...love! 
10. Dream SPRING day?
My wedding day over & over! Here is a sneak peak https://vimeo.com/297215286


We're all super excited here at p+N to have Heidi on board as our spring muse and are looking forward to supporting her new motherhood with our meals, juices, and snacks. 

We'll be keeping a close eye on Heidi as she starts spring with a huge new adventure. And don't forget to follow her on Instagram @_heidianderson to see this new Mumma living the life!




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