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Glowed Up Brands

As part of our Glow Week campaigns, we partner with brands that we believe are offering amazing products or services that you should know about. 

This year's Autumn Glow Week brand partners are Skin Juice and Sweatbox Saunas, and we hit Jo (Skin Juice) and Kerri (Sweatbox) up with a few questions that provide greater insight as to why they were on this season's hit list for your benefit.



Q. What does health mean to you and your team?

A. Skin Juice: We’re a big believer in balance and being healthy, so to us, that means listening to your body and working out what it needs to not just survive but thrive.

A. Sweatbox: I believe good health habits should be taught and begin at an early age.  As I'm getting older I've realised this to be very true. Clean eating and some form of exercise or sport need to be constant in your life. To the Sweatbox team, good health means freedom to live a full life. 


Q. How does being active fit into you / your team's life?

A. Skin Juice: In our work environment we’re often moving around between the various zones of the business – it’s a pretty collaborative space. We also have adjustable workspaces and you’ll often find us standing at our computers, just to squeeze a bit more movement into our days.

In our personal lives, we all enjoy different types of activities. We’re all big believers of doing exercise that you enjoy and that works with your body. Our approach to being active is the same as our approach to skin care. We like to work with the body, not against it. When you work against the body that’s when issues such as inflammation and injury are likely to occur.

A. Sweatbox: My routine since opening Sweatbox Saunas has changed. Working full days does make it harder to fit in some form of exercise, I do however walk most mornings before work, as it clears my head and I start my day alert and enthusiastic. And now, at the end of the day, I stay behind and use the yoga sauna to do a series of stretches and exercises. I love it, it's so addictive!


Q. Why did you start your company?

A. Skin Juice: Our story began over 23 years ago when I was working in my own salon and I didn’t believe my clients should have to choose between natural and performance skin care. I wanted a skincare range that fed the skin like a healthy diet feeds the body, and so Skin Juice was born.

All our products are made by us without compromise. We create powerful, potent formulations while unearthing the very best natural and organic ingredients green chemistry has to offer.


A. Sweatbox: I suffer in both knees from arthritis and traveling through Italy last year, the pain became immense from climbing and going down the steep stairs in many towns. I  came across an infrared sauna in a small town and gave it a try.  I couldn't believe the pain in my knees almost disappeared after that first session!  Returning twice more, I knew I had to research infrared saunas when I got home.

There were a few saunas dotted about Perth (I think I tried them all), but they were either in a gym or salon setting and not private or very peaceful.  Often the saunas were out in the open. I knew there had to be a market out there for people who needed to experience private sauna sessions for their health and mental wellbeing without the distractions. Setting up Sweatbox Saunas as a dedicated sauna studio with the help and support of my daughter Shilo has been amazing.



Q. Who are your products or services for?

A. Skin Juice: We cater for all skin types and all people – there have been many babies introduced to our Green Juice Balm at about 4 weeks of age as it’s a gentle and healing product for their delicate skin. We’re all about empowering our customers with knowledge and challenging some of the traditional thinking behind skin care. If you have an open mind and want a natural and effective approach to skin care, then we are for you.

A. Sweatbox: The benefits of the saunas are helping an enormous array of people ranging from athletes who come in for recovery, some who come in to relax, or people who just want to sweat it out and detox.  We're learning so much every day! 

The saunas are used by many who need added therapy to the treatment they may be having, whether that be stress, skin issues, immunity disorders, chronic pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, or joint and muscle pain.  These are only a very few of the ailments that sauna sessions help with.  Anyone can use a sauna and we're happy that people are taking the time to research and learn that saunas can become part of their normal health routine.


Q. What's your favourite Autumn health tip?

A. Skin Juice: It’s no surprise heading into Winter that hydration is key, as is gentle exfoliation. Green Juice Balm is wonderful but if you’re looking for a great time-saving, multi-function product then you can’t go past Facial-In-A-Jar. It will gently exfoliate and hydrate your skin, leaving you with a beautiful, healthy glow – all in 5 minutes.


A. Sweatbox: Just because the weather has cooled doesn't mean you should drop the water intake!  Keep up the fluids!


Q. Why choose to align with pure+NOOD?

A. Skin Juice: Like us, pure+NOOD is all about achieving a healthy glow, in a gentle and natural way, using the best that nature has to offer.

A. Sweatbox: Constant infrared sauna use increases metabolism which in turn helps with weight loss. pure+NOOD's gorgeous healthy food and meal options, along with their juices are the perfect choice to kickstart your weight loss or detox journey. And try the Watermelon Jerky...it's addictive!



Goodies from both Sweatbox and Skin juice available FREE as our gift to you during Winter glow week when you spend over $176. 

 *Winter Glow week = May 13th -19th




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