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Glow Week - Autumn Love!

Every season we introduce a whole week dedicated to YOU. Which means that with every 3 or 5 day cleanse order for this week (commencing Monday 16th April), you get all of the following with your delivery:

1. Pure Glow Probiotics 

A healthy gut means a happy body. Our custom made probiotics are vegan, gluten free, and made from the natural goodness of fermented whole-foods. The state of our micro-biome can affect everything from how we digest food, to how fragile our immune system is, right through to our mental health. To read more on on much we love probiotics, read on here. During 'Glow Week', you will get 4 probiotics per day to add to your cleanse. 

2. Magnesium Oil 

Magnesium is a mineral required by so many cells in our body - and is used in over 300 biological processes! So many people are deficient in this wonder mineral purely because we don't get enough of it from our diets, nor our soil. Also known as a 'relaxant' mineral, magnesium can help to improve sleep, reduce stress, relieve aching muscles, and reducing inflammation in the body. During 'Glow Week', you will receive your very own bottle of MgLIFE organic magnesium oil to start using as a spray, in your bath, or as a topical massage ointment. 

3. Keturah Day Spa Voucher

Keturah Day Spa, have very generously given all of our 'Glow Week' order customers, a complimentary infrared sauna treatment when they book in for a massage! Not only does massage stimulate our natural detoxification systems, but when it's followed up with an infrared sauna, it can boost this process even more! Helping to warm the body, reduce inflammation, and release stored toxins, it can be a fantastic accompaniment to your 3 or 5 day cleanse. 


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