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EthosFit X p+N - 21 DAYS TO A BETTER YOU!


Jack Olden, our close neighbor in North Perth and founder of EthosFit is a passionate guy. He is all about community, good vibes, and awesome workouts! 

This Feb he is launching '21 days to a better you' program and we are excited to be involved. We got to know a little more about Jack below:

What does health mean to you?

Health isn’t brown rice, chicken, and spinach every meal. Health is all about balance – nutrition which you can maintain long term and you enjoy BUT that also fuels your body to allow you to do everything you want to do. Quality over quantity & try to have a plant-based focus where you can. But hey a few cheeky cocktails every now and then won't hurt either 

How does being active fit into your life?

I believe mental and physical health go hand in hand. It doesn’t matter what you do for your fitness – all that matters is that you enjoy it and your consistent. For me personally, variety is key, no workout will ever be the same and training with like-minded, motivated people keeps me fit, happy and healthy.

Why did you start Ethos and how has it evolved?

Ethos started as Jacked Fitness in 2013 in my 2 car garage as I saw a lack of service and care in the industry. In 2014, I made the decision to move from the garage to a 90-square meter warehouse in Keegan Street. For the first few months, profits were low and the work was a lot! I stayed committed to my intention. 5 years and five locations later, Ethos is now based in North Perth with a focus on providing three things - Good vibes, great people and awesome workouts.
Who is your training for? In particular, this 21-day program?

Ethos is for mums, dads, students, shopaholics, and weekend warriors. The 21-day program is for those looking to drop some fat, gain strength, feel better and be able to run after the kids without losing their breath.

Really Ethos is for those who value lifestyle overall and understand the importance of keeping physically fit and healthy.

Why choose to align with Pure+NOOD ... What do you like about our brand/ products etc?

pure+NOOD is exactly that – Pure raw products that make you look better when your NOOD. They taste great – (which is coming from someone who is far from a salad and greens kinda guy). I was very skeptical of black water & juices as green as grass, but since trying them have been converted to the raw side. On top of this, they're just an awesome bunch of people helping others to create healthier lives for themselves.

Find out more about the Ethos 21 day program here



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