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Colour is life!

We asked our Summer Muse, Lisa Quinn-Schofield what role colour plays in her work + on her plate!

Colour is such a big influence in our lives - from what we wear to what we eat. In my work as a stylist, my whole life is driven by colour palettes, whether I’m working on interiors, products or photo shoots. Colours can change your mood, calm you or excite you. We all have our favourites that I think, can totally shift the way we feel. 

In a space I’m styling, I also like to have a variety of opposing combinations. Think smooth with textural, soft with hard, shiny with matt, light with dark. I also like to mix shapes in a space balancing round with sharp edges.
Ironically the same works with food for me.

The balance and mix of flavours, sweet and sour, smooth with sharp, creamy and crunchy. All of these combinations create interest and stimulate my senses encouraging me to go back for that second bite. The colours dancing on the plate also indeed entice! And, as we all know, provide nutritionally for the balance that the body craves. 

What I’ve loved most about the pure+NOOD's menu this summer is the 'colour'. The variety that I’m referring to above is all there in their meals and certainly stimulates the senses. Each meal balances colours, textures and flavours creating interest and variety. Every meal is different and the balance across the weekly menu is not only delicious but exciting with so many different flavours. The juices are also so varied that you can’t help but feel nourished and refreshed from the exciting combinations.

In summary... Colour is life! 

Our Summer seasonal juice + food is only around for a few more weeks. Make your selection now!

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