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Cold-pressed juice'n oats

Are you someone that consumes the same thing for breakfast day-in and day-out? Why not change up your morning routine and try this cold-pressed breaky combo. It's guaranteed to provide you with all the fuel you'll need to power through your morning– coupled with your morning coffee of course!


Steps 1 to 4.

1. Add your desired amount of morning oats to a bowl (note: stabilised oats don't soak in the juice as well as original oats)
2. Add your favourite p+N juice (no.24 Spiced Ruby used here)
3. Cover with a plate (stops the fridge smell from entering)
4. Chill in the fridge for a period (recommend an hour minimum)


Steps 5 to 8.

5. Add protein powder. (brands we love: Nüut - Daily Balance, WelleCo - Plant Protein, ATP Science - Noway Protein and NBN - Whey Protein )
6. Continue with toppings of your choice. Using coconut chips, goji berries and sultanas here.
7. For added crunch and protein throw in some Glowed-Up Nuts.
8. Top with fruit of the season and yogurt.

Be adventurous and enjoy!

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