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The art of healthy kids.

We know that the mum's in our p+N community are super happy when their kids are healthy and happy. Getting kids to eat natures goodness is not the easiest task given the abundance of processed and sugary offerings. We, therefore, love nothing more than seeing kids slurp on our cold-pressed juices which is why we have made kids the focus of our Mother's Day promo this year. 

We asked a few of our community mums to detail a few tips they use in keeping their kids and family fueled in a healthy way. We hope you enjoy what they have to say.


Lisa Quinn-Schofield (our Summer muse)

"I love winter as winter means lots of warm and nourishing soups! My kids absolutely love soups and there are so many variations you can make so the choices and deliciousness are endless. The best bit... I can stuff in so many veggies and the kids don’t even realise! I love to add immunity boosters like turmeric and garlic to keep those winters nasties away. I also love to make healthy roasted chips for them. Their favourites are crunchy kale, sweet potato, and cauliflower."




Lisa Clayton

"My approach to health is to forget about being skinny. If you eat well and exercise, everything should take care of itself. Get some good advice and be honest and open with people. Create yourself and don’t copy what others do or compare your size or appearance to others, because what works for some people does not work for everyone."

"My approach to family and my kids' health is also, all things in moderation. Don’t force it, don’t punish with food and don’t stop encouraging healthy habits. One day it all clicks and makes sense to them. You are you and they are who they are, so find what you all enjoy together. It’s not just about what you eat that makes us healthy. My kids are so active, so I really encourage them to do everything they want. It keeps us so busy but I prefer to be out and about with them compared to sitting around inside creating stuff to do."



"And my advice for getting into shape after having a baby is; take the pressure off by finding something that you really enjoy. Get your nutrition right and portions under control. Self-doubt and excuses will go away the moment you have the motivation and are moving in the right direction."

"As a mum, it’s difficult to be the best version of you for your family if you don’t truly feel happy within yourself. You created these children, you are amazing, you mean everything to your children. You are loved, needed and missed. A healthy attitude can be contagious, so surround yourself with those who will be on the same path as you."

"I love food and I love socialising around food, but I generally have a low sugar diet rich in protein and vegetables. During the week, we’re very healthy and at the weekend, more relaxed. I’m extremely active so I thrive on nutritious meals and I know what gives me the energy I need. I know how my body reacts and how my mind is restless if I don’t eat healthily, so healthy food wins most of the time! With the kids, we’ve always had battles with them liking different foods, not wanting the same food. Sometimes I'm tough other times not, but it’s all about them learning what food does to them – the good and bad stuff. Food is so educational and I prefer to always keep it simple."



Brooke (our very own p+N GM - featured in our blog opening image)

"For us, raising our son Remi plant-based to keep him healthy was a no brainer. It’s all he has ever known and he is still too young to ask questions (thankfully hehe) so it’s been really easy in that sense to keep him healthy. He has been surrounded by Green juice from the get-go, so it was no surprise he was going to want it and love it. In my limited experience, kids seem to want what you (the adults), have. So if they constantly see you eating whole fruits n veggies, drinking juices and laughing and smiling, they will want to emulate."

"For 90% of the time, we avoid processed food and drinks as a family and spend lots of time in the kitchen. We always get him up on the bench and involved which I think is so important. He loves to “help”, which means he is hands-on and he sees what goes into everything we make. He is constantly popping ingredients into his mouth and so is familiar with so many different flavour profiles. Hopefully, this will mean we won’t have a fussy eater on our hands in the years to come!"

"Remi's favourite juice is our fruit free green juice Emerald greens. Not exposing him to super sweet and artificially sweetened things from an early age means he doesn't turn his nose up at something even most adults might not like. I dilute the juices by half with water so I know he is keeping well hydrated and it makes the juice go that little bit further."

"I love to give him weak camomile tea as well. After I’ve made a mug for myself, I save the tea bag and make another cup leaving the tea bag in for much longer. This I then give to Remi in his water bottle throughout the day. It’s a great trick for keeping him calm in overwhelming environments."

"He’s just started daycare once a week so we are now getting exposed to all sorts of germs and bugs, which is great for his immune system long term, but in the short term... pretty annoying! We diffuse essential oils in his room overnight and play areas during the day to help kill airborne germs and keep his nose clear. It works a treat. Also adding a toddler-friendly probiotic to his oats or plant-based milk during those times he is fighting something off, helps him recover much quicker."

"In terms of keeping him happy, that’s easy, undivided attention from us is all he really wants, and intern, we just follow his lead. So be sure to put the phone away and get that face to face time. Of course, looking after yourself is paramount. Not only health and fitness wise but also prioritising YOU time is important too, so you feel refreshed and ready to keep up with their high pace. Easier said than done for most I know... but it makes all the difference. So get it where you can!"



So there you have it, a bucket of advice from three very cool mums. If you have some cool tricks or have learned a few secrets to keeping your young ones healthy, then share them with us below. Sharing is caring right!

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