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8 ways to feel beach ready!

Sandy toes, salty hair and refreshing ocean swims are often what come to mind when we think of Summer, but does the idea of slipping into a bikini or budgie smugglers make you want to run for the hills? If so, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve put together 8 ways to help you rock what you’ve got, feel confident and love the body you have.

We’ve all heard the saying “You are what you eat” and it’s true. The choices you make about what you eat impact the way you look and feel, so to get that bikini bod ready for summer, make sure you choose foods that will leave you feeling light and energised, instead of bloated and sluggish. Stock up on healthy greens and veggies - just be careful to avoid ones that make you bloat (baked beans, broccoli and brussel sprouts).

Starting Summer on the right foot can be as simple as resetting your body. While the silly season tends to mean we overindulge a few too many times, it doesn’t mean you can’t detox, reset and enjoy flaunting your body with confidence. Our juice cleanses not only help to remove toxins from the body and assist with bloating and digestive issues, but they also help you glow from within. And who doesn’t love a natural summer glow?

Hydration is key. To keep the bloat at bay and your bikini body looking its best, make sure you’re drinking at least 2L of water a day. Water helps flush out toxins from the body and eliminates extra salt from your system, which is a big contributor to bloating.

Summer bikini sunset

Drinking herbal teas daily soothes inflammation and helps relax the digestive tract. Designed to help detox your body and boost energy levels, our 28 Day Beauty Tea Detox is a great option for preparation ahead of those summer swims. 

Taking probiotics is a small daily habit that can assist you with maintaining your body physique, and who doesn’t want their best body over summer? Our Daily Cleanse Probiotics not only heal your gut, reset digestion and reduce bloating, they also go a long way in promoting your very own radiant glow. Trust us, start taking them early and your bikini body will thank you later!

Dry brushing is an excellent way to get your glow on this summer. It helps drain the lymphatic system, boosts circulation and detoxes the body = glow factor! You’ll not only look beautiful and glowy but feel fab too.

Exercise is a great way to help remove excess toxins from the body and give you that extra bit of confidence to rock your body at the beach. Plus, there’s no better feeling than a refreshing ocean dip after a sweat session.

Summer friends bikini

Own it and flaunt it. Be confident in your own skin!

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