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3 Reasons Why Winter Cleansing Rocks!

  1. Boost immunity, mood and metabolism
  1. Kickstart digestive system
  1. Maintain weight & healthy habits

The cold winter days may feel like the worst time of year to cleanse, especially if you’ve just started getting cosy with comfort food and sleeping in!

However, winter is meant to be a time to stop, rest and reflect. Now is the time to stay on track and to avoid months of winter indulgences creeping in and weighing you down!

Winter Cleansing: Tips

  • Choose juices that are packed with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and immune-boosting extras. Find cinnamon, radish, turmeric, ginger, pitaya, apple cider vinegar and many more in our new cold-pressed winter collection.
  • Drink your favourite nutrient dense juices at room temperature rather than straight out of the fridge. By avoiding very cold things during winter the body can function at its optimal level and maintain health without so much work! Check out the winter nut Mylk and evening tonic, these guys can even be warmed for consumption!
  • Sipping herbal teas will keep you feeling warm during your cleanse or work perfectly as a mini detox of their own. Try our 28 day tea detox!
  • Regular early nights, gentle exercise, warm epsom salt baths, self massage with oil and dry body brushing can also support you during the colder months especially while you are cleansing

So sip constantly, stay warm, rest and reset because spring is closer than you think.

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