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2 weeks of p+N

A review by  Lisa Quinn-Schofield

I have been dabbling with Pure & NOOD food & juices for a while. Lunches & dinners and a few 1-day juice cleanses here and there but for me, it wasn’t enough to experience the full benefits. After ending last year feeling a bit depleted and run down, iron deficient & vitamin d deficient, I decided I needed some inspiration to get the motivation to reboot. 

You see, as I was previously just an “every now and then” pure and NOOD lover, I would have those healthy nourishing days and other days, not so much. Funnily enough, I was motivated to work but no energy to do anything else so that meant, no exercise, easy eats (sometimes & unhealthy). I relied on sugar to keep me going on those long days & if I was feeling flat, it worked! But it was definitely a short high and the crash, the fogginess and fatigue totally zonked me at the end of those big days and my weekends, I felt knackered.

The thing with feeling run down is that after looking after everyone else, I didn’t have the energy or time to care for myself, well that’s how I was feeling anyway.

I should mention, I used to be a bit of a health freak but somewhere along the way, that person decided that it was easier being low maintenance and going with the flow and eating whatever was on offer.

I knew in my head that all it would take would be 2 weeks of eating healthy nourishing food to get my groove back. Hello PURE & NOOD. Lunches, dinners, green juices a coffee replacement and ending with a 3-day juice cleanse. I always make a good breakfast of a spinach omelette, with a side of kimchi & avocado so decided that I would continue with my own brekkies.

I did it! 2 weeks and it was easy and enjoyable and I loved it. What did I love about it?
  • Food & juices delivered to my doorstep every Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning.
  • Not having to think about what to eat and knowing that each meal & juice was filling me with goodness. 
  • The ADM nut milk drink was enough to satisfy my “go out for a latte” feelings.
  • Not getting so hungry that I just buy lunch because I’m out and about.
  • Time! More time to do things I wanted to do instead of prepping healthy food. 
  • Portion sizes. Totally satisfying! But so good not getting seduced into seconds & also making me realise I usually eat too much!
  • The variety! So many different choices and so delicious!!!!
  • Getting a text to remind me that my delivery was coming and then notifying me when it was dropped off
    What else did I do?
    • made sure that I ate my lunches in the sunshine - need that vitamin d!
    • Earthing - simply taking my shoes off and feeling the earth under my feet. A simple practice to feel earthy, connected and grounded - literally!
    • Dry brushing - oh this is so addictive. Gets everything flowing and moving 
    • Exercise - just a simple walk in the sunshine, a play with my kids and dogs! The simple things I felt that I didn’t have time or energy for.
    How did I feel after the two weeks?
    • Reconnected to my old healthy self. Refreshed and energised and motivated & lighter - mentally & physically 2 kgs down actually - an added bonus for me. Funnily enough, when you go with the flow and eat whatever, you put on weight!
    What did I learn?
    • That I eat too much of the wrong stuff & there are consequences and those little treats here and there start adding up and becoming your more frequent and then become your normal.
    • The portion sizes are so generous so it inspires me to move forward in the right direction filling myself with nourishing foods.
    Where to now?
    • Now instead of dabbling, I’m committing to my lunch each day, a green juice and my non-coffee Fix. This way if I’m out and about, I don’t get seduced and so hungry that I give in to whatever is on offer.
    • Exercising regularly because now I actually have the energy to get out in the sunshine!
    It’s so awesome not to have to think about eating healthily and then reaching the weekend feeling fresh and motivated!
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