Elizaveta Parnova - p+N's winter muse

Taking pole position as this year's winter muse, we couldn't be more excited to introduce you to the pole vaulting queen, Liz Parnov. We will be helping Liz to fuel her epic training regime with our much-loved winter menu and snacks as she prepares to reach new heights at the World Championships later this year.

Cold-pressed juice'n oats

Our juices are great on their own, obviously, but we always like to explore ways to enjoy them beyond just from the glass. So here we have a breaky dish that you could use any number of our juices to vary the flavour. It will make for a fuel-packed start to your day and have you feeling great.

Glowed Up Brands

As part of our Glow Week campaigns, we partner with brands that we believe are offering amazing products or services that you should know about. Read on for a quick Q&A with Skin Juice and Sweatbox Saunas.

The art of healthy kids.

This post coincides with our Mothers Day promo and shifts the focus towards kids and ideal ways to keep them healthy and happy. Hear from three super mums, Lisa Quinn-Schofield, Lisa Clayton and our p+N GM, Brooke.